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1. I could imagine the frustration pulling his black eyebrows together and crumpling his forehead. If I’d been there, I might have laughed. Don’t give yourself a brain hemorrhage, Jacob, I would have told him. Just spit it out. (Bella)

2. The word boyfriend had me chewing on the inside of my cheek with a familiar tension while I stirred. It wasn’t the right word, not at all. I needed something more expressive of eternal commitment… But words like destiny and fate sounded hokey when you used them in casual conversation. (Bella)

3. There’s no law that says I can’t cook in my own house. (Charlie)

4. It worked — your cooking skills have me soft as a marshmallow. (Bella)

5. So I’m thinking maybe you deserve a parole for good behavior. For a teenager, you’re amazingly non-whiney. (Charlie)

6. Isn’t Edward up for a little healthy competition? (Charlie)

7. You and Billy gossip like old women. (Bella)

8. I want to be a monster, too. (Bella)

9. Monsters are not a joke, Bella. (Edward)

10. You know it’s out of the question for you to be around a werewolf unprotected, Bella. And it would break the treaty if any of us cross over onto their land. Do you want us to start a war? (Edward)

11. If we could bottle your luck, we’d have a weapon of mass destruction on our hands. (Edward)

12. If Jacob hadn’t helped me… I’m not sure what you would have come home to. I owe him better than this, Edward. (Bella)

13. I’ll never forgive myself for leaving you. Not if I live a hundred thousand years. (Edward)

14. If I’d never left, you wouldn’t feel the need to go risk your life to comfort a dog. (Edward)

15. Alice was scrutinizing my boring jeans-and-a-t-shirt outfit in a way that made me self-conscious. Probably plotting another makeover. I sighed. My indifferent attitude to fashion was a constant thorn in her side. If I’d allow it, she’d love to dress me every day — perhaps several times a day — like some oversized three-dimensional paper doll. (Bella)

16. I’m sure I still have boundaries — like the continental U.S., for example. (Bella)

17. You know how I am with tools. No pain was inflicted intentionally. (Bella)

18. The outside world holds no interest for me without you. (Edward)

19. It’s not like I’m headed off to Vegas to be a showgirl or anything. I’m going to see Mom. (Bella)

20. Interceded? You threw me to the sharks! (Bella)

21. Edward and Alice playing chess was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen. They’d sat there nearly motionless, staring at the board, while Alice foresaw the moves he would make and he picked the moves she would make in return out of her head. They played most of the game in their minds; I think they’d each moved two pawns when Alice suddenly flicked her king over and surrendered. It took all of three minutes. (Bella)

22. Please tell me you are not trying to have a sex talk with me, Charlie. (Bella)

23. I really wish you were not forcing me to say this out loud, Dad. Really. But… I am a… virgin, and I have no immediate plans to change that status. (Bella)

24. Shut your window if you want me to stay away tonight. I’ll understand. (Edward)

25. Renée is so much more… perceptive than Charlie in some ways. It was making me jumpy. (Bella)

26. There’s something… strange about the way you two are together. The way he watches you — it’s so… protective. Like he’s about to throw himself in front of a bullet to save you or something. (Renee)

27. The way you move — you orient yourself around him without even thinking about it. When he moves, even a little bit, you adjust your position at the same time. Like magnets… or gravity. You’re like a… satellite, or something. (Renee)

28. With a sense of astonishment, I realized that Jacob looked dangerous to them. How odd. (Bella)

29. Sorry. I don’t have any leeches on my speed dial. (Jacob)

30. Edward cut him off mid-sentence, and his face was abruptly frightening — truly frightening. For a second, he looked like… like a vampire. (Bella)

31. I wasn’t about to send you off alone. With your luck, not even the black box would survive. (Edward)

32. I’d wait till we were close enough to the ground, get a good grip on you, kick out the wall, and jump. Then I’d run you back to the scene of the accident, and we’d stumble around like the two luckiest survivors in history. (Edward)

33. Did you see the size of that Jacob kid? I think he could take Cullen down. (Mike)

34. I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around. (Emmett)

35. So the consensus was that I was just supposed to forget that a deranged vampire was stalking me, intent on my death. (Bella)

36. I’ll be back so soon you won’t have time to miss me. Look after my heart — I’ve left it with you. (Edward)

37. Alice was certainly just as capable of crippling my truck as Edward was. (Bella)

38. The fortune-telling bloodsucker can’t see us? Seriously? That’s excellent! (Jacob)

39. I love him. Not because he’s beautiful or because he’s rich! I’d much rather he weren’t either one. It would even out the gap between us just a little bit — because he’d still be the most loving and unselfish and brilliant and decent person I’ve ever met. Of course I love him. How hard is that to understand? (Bella)

40. You know, Jacob, you’re awfully self-righteous — considering that you’re a werewolf and all. (Bella)

41. They shouldn’t exist. Their existence goes against nature. (Jacob)

42. What I am was born in me. It’s a part of who I am, who my family is, who we all are as a tribe — it’s the reason why we’re still here. (Jacob)

43. Normal humans can’t throw motorcycles around the way you can. (Bella)

44. Normal humans run away from monsters, Bella. And I never claimed to be normal. Just human. (Jacob)

45. Most people fall in and out of love many times in their lives. It was just that I’d seen Sam with Emily, and I couldn’t imagine him with someone else. The way he looked at her… well, it reminded me of a look I’d seen sometimes in Edward’s eyes — when he was looking at me.(bella)

46. You think I should be as forgiving as you are? We can’t all be saints and martyrs. (Jacob)

47. Am I the only one who has to get old? I get older every stinking day! Damn it! What kind of world is this? Where’s the justice? (Bella)

48. Did you seriously just stamp your foot? I thought girls only did that on TV. (Jacob)

49. I’m a pro at weird. (Bella)

50. I don’t care who’s a vampire and who’s a werewolf. That’s irrelevant. You are Jacob, and he is Edward, and I am Bella. And nothing else matters. (Bella)

51. I believe that. But I want you to know something — when it comes to all this enemies nonsense, I’m out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures. Jacob is family. You are… well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence. I don’t care who’s a werewolf and who’s a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party, too. (Bella)

52. Well… don’t be offended, but you smell like a dog. (Edward)

53. You’re kidnapping me, aren’t you? (Bella)

54. Yes, because a vampire slumber party is the pinnacle of safety conscious behavior. (Bella)

55. You are in trouble. Enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home. (Bella)

56. This hostage stuff is fun. (Alice)

57. Porsches as bribes and king-sized beds in houses where nobody slept — it was beyond irritating. (Bella)

58. If we had happy endings, we’d all be under gravestones now. (Rosalie)

59. Why don’t you just lock me in the basement, and forget the sugar coating? (Bella)

60. So what’s the latest pack scandal? (Bella)

61. It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her. And you would do anything for her, be anything for her… You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that’s a protector, or a lover, or a friend, or a brother. (Jacob)

62. I traded a lifetime of servitude for a box of conversation hearts. That’s not something I’m likely to forget. (Bella)

63. You’d be better off dead. I rather you were. (Jacob)

64. I’m going to spontaneously combust one of these days — and you’ll have no one but yourself to blame. (Bella)

65. You can hold me hostage any time you want. (Bella)

66. You’re quite adorable when you’re jealous. It’s surprisingly enjoyable. (Edward)

67. You are the only one who has ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. (Edward)

68. There’s… well, there’s this other problem that’s slightly more worrisome than a bratty teenage werewolf…(Bella)

69. Is it really so impossible to wear clothes, Jacob? (Bella)

70. What do I look like, a pack mule? (Jacob)

71. Does my being half-naked bother you? (Jacob)

72. What’s it like — having a vampire for a boyfriend? (Jacob)

73. What’s it like — having a werewolf for a best friend? (Jacob)

74. One of the many hazards of socializing with vampires. It makes you smell bad. A minor hazard, comparatively. (Jacob)

75. Okay! Time for the werewolf to get out! (Bella)

76. It gets easier. After a few decades, everyone you know is dead. Problem solved. (Edward)

77. Do you ever think that your life might be easier if you weren’t in love with me? (Edward)

78. It was stupid to want to go hang out with a bunch of big idiot wolf-boys right now when there was so much that was frightening and unexplained going on. Of course, that was exactly why I wanted to go. I wanted to escape the death threats, for just a few hours . . . to be the less-mature, more-reckless Bella who could laugh it off with Jacob, if only briefly. (Bella)

79. Hanging out with no one but extremely dexterous people all the time was going to give me a complex. (Bella)

80. Other than a few teasing complaints — mostly by Paul — about keeping the bloodsucker stench downwind, I was treated like someone who belonged. (Bella)

81. What’s the best part? You swallowing an entire cow whole? (Bella)

82. And your chocolate fur reflects what? How sweet you are? (Sam)

83. How can someone so tiny by so annoying? (Edward)

84. If there were any way for me to become human for you — no matter what the price was, I would pay it. (Edward)

85. I’m not that girl, Edward. The one who gets married right out of high school like some small-town hick who got knocked up by her boyfriend! (Bella)

86. My instincts told me that there was danger, that the angel had meant it when she spoke of killing, but my judgment overruled my instincts. I had not been taught to fear women, but to protect them. (Jasper)

87. Jasper shows up, covered in battle scars, towing this little freak who greets them all by name, knows everything about them, and wants to know which room she can move into. (Edward)

88. I hate being babysat. (Bella)

89. Do me a favor and challenge him to an arm-wrestling match. It would be a good experience for him. (Edward)

90. I wanted to make both of them get out of their cars and shake hands and be friends — be Edward and Jacob rather than vampire and werewolf. It was as if I had those two stubborn magnets in my hands again, and I was holding them together, trying to force nature to reverse herself… (Bella)

91. Hey, it’s the least I can do — I offered eternal servitude, remember. I’m your slave for life. (Jacob

92. I miss you when you’re not there. When you’re happy, it makes me happy. But I could say the same thing about Charlie, Jacob. You’re family. I love you, but I’m not in love with you. (Bella)

93. You can have me the way I am — bad behavior included — or not at all. (Jacob)

94. You love me, too. Not the same way, I know. But he’s not your whole life, either. Not anymore. Maybe he was once, but he left. And now he’s just going to have to deal with the consequence of that choice — me. (Jacob)

95. Until your heart stops beating, Bella. I’ll be here — fighting. Don’t forget that you have options. (Jacob)

96. I can’t wait to see what Edward does to you! I hope he snaps your neck, you pushy, obnoxious, moronic DOG! (Bella)

97. I’ll give you passionate. Murder, the ultimate crime of passion. (Bella)

98. If I think about you tonight, it will be because I’m having a nightmare. (Bella)

99. When he left, you spent all your energy holding on to him. You could be happy if you let go. You could be happy with me. (Jacob)

100. That was not kissing back, that was trying to get you the hell off of me, you idiot. (Bella)

101. Next time you want to hit me, use a baseball bat or a crowbar, okay? (Jacob)

102. I’m not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella. (Edward)

103. But if you ever bring her back damaged again — and I don’t care whose fault it is; I don’t care if she merely trips, or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head — if you return her to me in less than the perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel? (Edward)

104. She is mine. I didn’t say I would fight fair. (Edward)

105. I punched a werewolf in the face. (Bella)

106. I guess I could throw in a few extra homicides, if it makes Jasper happy. Why not? (Bella)

107. Stupid, thieving, annoying vampire! (Bella)

108. Well, everyone can relax. Nobody’s trying to exterminate the Cullens after all. (Bella)

109. No matter what side I’m on, if someone kisses you without your permission, you should be able to make your feelings clear without hurting yourself. (Charlie)

110. Everyone will come. They’re all dying to see the inside of the reclusive Cullens’ mystery house. (Edward)

111. In case my right hook was too subtle for you, let me translate: that was me uninviting you. (Bella)

112. We have a few advantages, dog. It will be an even fight. (Jasper)

113. People — well, vampires and werewolves really, but still — people I loved were going to get hurt. Hurt because of me. Again. I wished my bad luck would focus a little more carefully. (Bella)

114. You truly are one frightening little monster. (Jasper)

115. To think it’s come to this, though! Trusting werewolves! (Edward)

116. The imprinting compulsion is one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed in my life, and I’ve seen some strange things. (Edward)

117. The pack mind is mesmerizing. All thinking together and then separately at the same time. There’s so much to read! (Edward)

118. Never be afraid to tell me how you feel, Bella. If this is what you need… You are my first priority. (Edward)

119. Two voices struggled inside me. One that wanted to be good and brave, and one that told the good one to keep her mouth shut. (Bella)

120. You worry too much, Bella. You’re going to go prematurely gray. (Alice)

121. Edward is such a grouch when he doesn’t get his way. (Alice)

122. I’m the only one who has permission to hold you hostage, remember? (Edward)

123. I leaned into him, ducking my head under his arm and cuddling into his side. It probably felt similar to snuggling with Michelangelo’s David, except that this perfect marble creature wrapped his arms around me to pull me closer. (Bella)

124. Listen to your heart fly. It’s fluttering like a hummingbird’s wings. Are you all right? (Edward)

125. I’ve already made the largest concession by far and away — I’ve agreed to take your life away against my better judgment. And that ought to entitle me to a few compromises on your part. (Edward)

126. I didn’t realize there was anything else you wanted besides being transformed into a monster yourself. I’m extremely curious. (Edward)

127. I didn’t have the faintest idea how to be seductive. I would just have to settle for flushed and self-conscious. (Bella)

128. I already know how strong you are. You didn’t have to break the furniture. (Bella)

129. Bella. Would you please stop trying to take your clothes off? (Edward)

130. There isn’t much that’s traditional about you and me. (Bella)

131. You make me feel like a villain in a melodrama — twirling my mustache while I try to steal some poor girl’s virtue. (Bella)

132. Yes, but you’re such a bad liar that it doesn’t really count. Nobody believes you. (Edward)

133. I had no right to want you — but I reached out and took you anyway. And now look what’s become of you! Trying to seduce a vampire. (Edward)

134. We’ll go to Vegas — you can wear old jeans and we’ll go to the chapel with the drive-through window. I just want it to be official — that you belong to me and no one else. (Edward)

135. Show me the damn ring, Edward. (Bella)

136. You are the most dangerous creature I’ve ever met. (Edward)

137. I supposed it’s a little outdated. Old-fashioned, just like me. (Edward)

138. Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever. Will you marry me? (Edward)

139. The urge to fight must be a defining characteristic of the Y chromosome. They were all the same. (Bella)

140. You know, Edward, as a brother, you are sometimes a disappointment. (Alice)

141. I’ve got a first aid kit. I had a feeling I might need it. (Edward)

142. Bunch of vampires trying to kill you. The usual. (Jacob)

143. Does that mean that he’s a better kisser that I am? (Jacob)

144. But I don’t count that as a kiss, Jacob. I think of it more as an assault. (Bella)

145. According to you, you’ve kissed just one person — who isn’t even really a person — in your whole life, and you’re calling it quits? How do you know that’s what you want? Shouldn’t you play the field a little? (Jacob)

146. You could kiss me, for example. I don’t mind if you want to use me to experiment. (Jacob)

147. Don’t mess with me, Jake. I swear I won’t stop him if he wants to break your jaw. (Bella)

148. Sometimes I think you like me better as a wolf. (Jacob)

149. You’re an enormous monster who refuses to respect anyone else’s personal space. (Bella)

150. I make you nervous. But only when I’m human. When I’m a wolf, you’re more comfortable around me. (Jacob)

151. When are you finally going to figure out that you’re in love with me, too? (Jacob)

152. Leave it to you to ruin the moment. (Bella)

153. I don’t see you making yourself useful. Why don’t you go fetch a space heater or something? (Edward)

154. Go fetch a space heater. I’m not a St. Bernard. (Jacob)

155. I’m sure she’ll thank you for this when her toes turn black and drop off. (Jacob)

156. Don’t be stupid. Don’t you like having ten toes? (Jacob)

157. You don’t have the faintest idea how much I wish I could do what you’re doing for her, mongrel. (Edward)

158. I wondered if the Cullens and the Quileutes weren’t just playing up that whole odor issue because of their prejudices. Everyone smelled fine to me. (Bella)

159. Why are you so much furrier than your friends? (Bella)

160. You have no idea how loud your little fantasies are. It’s like you’re shouting them at me. (Edward)

161. You mean, ‘as much as I’d love to kill you, I’m glad she’s warm,’ right? (Jacob)

162. I think you were just worried that if you really forced her to choose, she might not choose you. (Jacob)

163. After I’d accepted that she was more or less safe with you — as safe as Bella ever is — it seemed best to stop driving her to extremes. (Edward)

164. As long as she wants me, I’m here. (Edward)

165. You see, Jacob, you might leave her someday. Like Sam and Emily, you wouldn’t have a choice. I would always be waiting in the wings, hoping for that to happen. (Edward)

166. You know, Jacob, if it weren’t for the fact that we’re natural enemies and that you’re also trying to steal away the reason for my existence, I might actually like you. (Edward)

167. I didn’t say it wasn’t the best night I’ve ever spent. Just that I didn’t get a lot of sleep. I thought Bella was never going to shut up. (Jacob)

168. But, if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten of the best nights of my life. Dream about that. (Edward)

169. All of my best nights have happened since I met you. (Edward)

170. Near the end, though, you started mumbling some nonsense about ‘Jacob, my Jacob.’ Your Jacob enjoyed that quite a lot. (Edward)
171. It made no difference that Jacob was not human when he cried out. I needed no translation. (Bella)

172. Do you think I care whether it’s fair or whether he was adequately warned? I’m hurting him. Every time I turn around, I’m hurting him again. I’m a hideous person. (Bella)

173. Edward would never see me shed another tear for Jacob Black. (Bella)

174. Kiss me, Jacob. Kiss me, and then come back. (Bella)

175. That should have been our first kiss. Better late than never. (Jacob)

176. I lay facedown across the sleeping bag, waiting for justice to find me. Maybe an avalanche would bury me here. I wished it would. I never wanted to have to see my face in the mirror again. (Bella)

177. And I thought I fought dirty. He makes me look like the patron saint of ethics. I’m not mad at you, love. Jacob’s more cunning than I gave him credit for. I do wish you hadn’t asked him, though. (Edward)

178. It’s just that he would have kissed you anyway — even if you hadn’t fallen for it — and now I don’t have an excuse to break his face. I would have really enjoyed that, too. (Edward)

179. When I left you, Bella, I left you bleeding. Jacob was the one to stitch you back up again. That was bound to leave its mark — on both of you. I’m not sure those kinds of stitches dissolve on their own. I can’t blame either of you for something I made necessary. I may gain forgiveness, but that doesn’t let me escape the consequences. (Edward)

180. What happened to fighting back? Don’t start with the noble self-sacrifice now! Fight! (Bella)

181. You said I could have any part of you I wanted. I want this part. I want every part. (Bella)

182. First, because you are bizarrely moral for a vampire. (Bella)

183. Bella, can you drop the rock, please? Carefully. Don’t hurt yourself. (Edward)

184. I’m fine. I’m okay. I’m just. Freaking out. Give me. A minute. (Bella)

185. I didn’t want you to see that. See me like that. I know I must have terrified you. (Edward)

186. I just beheaded and dismembered a sentient creature not twenty yards from you. That doesn’t bother you? (Edward)

187. Just you wait till I’m a vampire! I’m not going to be sitting on the sidelines next time. (Bella)

188. The Volturi do not honor truces with werewolves. (Edward)

189. This one seems to bring out bizarrely strong reactions in our kind. (Jane)

190. You are safe inside your mind. No one can reach you there. It’s no wonder that Aro was so curious about your future abilities. (Alice)

191. One minute it was that wolf yowling, and then you couldn’t hear it anymore — Jake’s cussing drowned it right out. Got a set of lungs on him, that boy does. (Charlie)

192. Have you ever noticed how big those Quileute kids all are? (Charlie)

193. If only I could be struck by lightning and be split in two. Preferably painfully. For the first time, giving up being human felt like a true sacrifice. Like it might be too much to lose. (Bella)

194. Dr. Fang isn’t sure how much pain medication I need, so he’s going with trial and error. Think he overdid it. (Jacob)

195. Why didn’t anyone ever try to kill me when I wanted to die? (Bella)

196. Don’t you think you ought to know how you feel — just so that it doesn’t take you by surprise someday when it’s too late and you’re a married vampire? (Jacob)

197. How can we be friends, when we love each other like this? (Bella)

198. Two futures, two soul mates… too much for any one person. (Bella)

199. He’s like a drug for you, Bella. I see that you can’t live without him now. It’s too late. But I would have been healthier for you. Not a drug; I would have been the air, the sun. (Jacob)

200. Silly Jacob — don’t you know better than to believe vampire stories? (Bella)

201. I’ll always be waiting in the wings, Bella. You’ll always have that spare option if you want it. (Jacob)

202. I probably won’t think she’s good enough for you. I wonder how jealous I’ll be. (Bella)

203. My hindsight seemed unbearably clear tonight. I could see every mistake I’d made, every bit of harm I’d done, the small things and the big things. Each pain I’d caused Jacob, each wound I’d given Edward, stacked up into neat piles that I could not ignore or deny. (Bella)

204. It had not been Edward and Jacob that I’d been trying to force together, it was the two parts of myself, Edward’s Bella and Jacob’s Bella. But they could not exist together, and I never should have tried. (Bella)

205. Edward, I know who I can’t live without. (Bella)

206. Go play with Edward. I have to get to work. (Alice)

207. I’ve chosen my life — now I want to start living it. (Bella)

208. You don’t fight fair. (Edward)

209. It’s a good thing you’re bulletproof. I’m going to need that ring. It’s time to tell Charlie. (Bella)

210. I’d hate to shatter the dream world you live in — the one where the sun is orbiting the place where you stand — so I won’t tell you how little I care what your problem is. Go. Away. (Jacob)

211. This is making me sick, Jacob. Can you imagine what this feels like to me? I don’t even like Bella Swan. And you’ve got me grieving over this leech-lover like I’m in love with her, too. Can you see where that might be a little confusing? I dreamed about kissing her last night! What the hell am I supposed to do with that? (Leah)

212.. Now Sue, she would have made one hell of a wolf. Leah’s more of a wolverine. (Billy)

213.. If the silence in my head lasted, I would never go back. I wouldn’t be the first one to choose this form over the other. Maybe, if I ran far enough away, I would never have to hear again… I pushed my legs faster, letting Jacob Black disappear behind me. (Jacob)

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